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Hi Greg,

I have the link to all of the edited photos.  Thank you so much. These are really terrific quality. I've passed your contact info on to the other managers in our group who conduct events and on-line magazines, along with my recommendation. That's a sharp portfolio. Thank you for sharing. And thanks for all you've done to help Coke look its best as well. Best of luck.

Ben Middleton

Trade Communications

The Coca-Cola Company



I have been working with Greg Verville of GV Photography for the last 14 years because his work and abilities are exceptional. Greg is very reliable, efficient, detailed, and a talented photographer. He has an engaging personality and is fun to work with! I look forward to another 14 years.

Kathy Kritikos 

Lifting Your Spirits LV LLC

Las Vegas, NV



We hired Greg Verville of GV Photography to do all the product shots for my company, Coronado Brewing. We were extremely pleased with his professionalism and expertise. The job was a 3 day photo shoot at my Brewery/Restaurant, and consisted of most of the core brands of my Beers. The shots turned out great with mouth-watering glasses of foaming beer 

and perfectly matched backgrounds. We also shot many packaging images of our glassware, bottles, and 6-packs. We are currently redoing our website and sales catalog sheets, and will use many of these images Greg shot. 

Greg is engaging, funny and very easy to work with, not to mention his endless input of creative ideas. Also, GV Photography is great value for the excellent quality of work that is delivered on time. I highly recommend Greg Verville of GV Photography for any and all photography needs. We look forward to working with him again in the near future.

Rick Chapman

President, Coronado Brewing Company



Thanks so much! Appreciate all the photos you sent and the trouble you went to, to locate them. I know you were all over with your camera that day since we also enjoyed watching you take photos of the bear using the new Coke machine. I will highly recommend you as a photographer if the opportunity presents itself.

Thanks again for taking the time to find the photos and send them to me by email. You did your good deed for the day....the pictures DID bring me some cheer  : )

Sincerely, Karen

Karen T.

Algona, IA



I booked Greg Verville of GV Photography to shoot my son's 1st Birthday Party. The Party was held in the Ballroom at the Sheraton Delfina in Santa Monica, CA . It was a Big Event for everyone us in are very big family. The party was complete with Catering, Dancers, Clowns, Barney, Baloons, etc.  I couldn't have asked for a better photographer. Greg took absolutely beautiful pictures of our event, including great detail photos of the room, food, and fabulous decorations. Greg was very funny and easy to work with and surpassed our every expectation. We never had to worry about anything with him. He showed up on time, rallied & organized everyone when it was time for group pictures, and made us all laugh while doing so. I've already been sharing the beautiful photos with our family and friends and everyone loves them. I am really thankful to have found such a great photographer and would absolutely recommend GV Photography to anyone for any occasion.

Dr. Jay M.

Los Angeles, CA



Easy to work with, very professional, overall very good experience. Greg was absolutely wonderful. He was able to make my 2 year old laugh and stay focused long enough to get get great photos. He managed to get all my relatives to laugh and smile for the posed family photos and was also able to capture perfect candid moments as well. Whenever I saw a scene playing out and thought that would make a great photo, there he was. He was super friendly and funny too which was perfect for us. I smile every time I look at the photos from this event. If you need a great photographer this is the one you want.

Frank A.

Los Angeles, CA





As a wedding coordinator, I am always on the lookout for vendors who are easy to work with, communicative, professional, self-sufficient, and... fun! Greg is all of those things. I had the pleasure of working with him as the photographer at a recent wedding, and he was on the ball the entire day! Looking forward to next time:)

Jackie M.

Los Angeles, CA



GV Photography is GREAT!

They took my engagement photos and my wedding photos.

They are professional, on time, easy to work with, imaginative, organized, very responsive and fun!  I would recommend them to any engaged couple that is looking for a wedding photographer that is affordable and wonderful.

During the wedding, they took tons of awesome shots and made the entire wedding party at ease.  The photos turned out BEAUTIFULLY!

After the wedding, they created a wedding website online to view and download the photo files that was very easy to use.  

They are the best wedding photographers in LA!

Kristen L.

Venice, CA



Let me start off by saying that I was photographed by Greg for my wedding, right smack in the middle of orthodontic treatment that required me to have 4 teeth extracted and leaving me with big gaps in my mouth! Nothing could have made me happy other than having my treatment done, so I was so very unhappy with the end product....Until a year and a half later when I decided it was time to put my album together. As I was going through all of the photos for the first time in a looooong time, I immediately felt like I was experiencing my wedding day all over again. The jokes that Greg told to get us all to smile, his unique way of guiding us to get just the right shot, his friendly disposition and outgoing personality, made every photo (even if I looked like a toothless hillbilly) seem more vibrant and full of energy. I cried as I was putting the albums together and I truly realized that his work was magnificent, even if my criticism of my dental appearance was less than fabulous. He has a vision for depth and a mind for creative, festive, and timeless photos. Everyone has given us compliments on our photos and comments that they can see the emotion that we were feeling on that day, and we couldn't of done that without GV Photography.

Thank you, truly and deeply, for giving us something beyond that one day.

Thanks Greg for the lovely memories.

Alda C.



We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with GV Photography. Greg was just wonderful. We spoke several times throughout the wedding and before and he answered any silly questions that we had and was patient with us. This was the first time we had gone through the wedding planning process we had lots of questions, he helped us through the process and was great fun to work with. He understood exactly what we wanted from start to finish and the final product was absolutely beautiful. We would absolutely recommend GV Photography to anyone for their wedding.

Brandi B.

San Fernando, CA



The wedding photos that Greg did for me could not have turned out any better.  I was completely blown away by how stunning they were. I am not normally very photogenic so I was initially worried about how my wedding pics would turn out in the end; but they are just wonderful and I plan on having Greg do the photography for any other important moments I want captured in photos.

Another thing I want to mention is his professionalism.  Because I had a day wedding in Laguna Beach I wanted to have my photo's done by the beach before the ceremony.  Greg came down to the location 1-2 hrs prior to our meeting time on the day of my wedding  to check out the surrounding areas and pre plan the best spots for pics.  This worked out great because once my bridal party and I were all there we were ready to go and Greg knew exactly where he wanted to take the photos. This kept us on schedule and I got all the shots and more that I had envisioned. All my guests had great things to say about him, and he captured every moment of my wedding, not even taking a break to eat -even though I told him he was more than welcome to. His pricing was wonderful to and he was very helpful with working with my budget.  I would recommend Greg to anyone. You will not regret it.

Sasha W.

Fullerton, CA








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